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Natural Solution at a Glance

Natural Solutions started out as a small initiative undertaken by Dr Anil Sharma´s patients to ensure that his specially formulated Ayurvedic medicines benefitted a wider audience. Dr Sharma´s efforts towards creating Ayurvedic alternatives to conventional medication, stemmed from Ayurveda´s basic tenet that good health depends upon the dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. Since human beings are an integral part of Nature, it logically follows that Nature herself would provide for us. Natural Solutions aims to show that there are other, and most often superior, avenues for the betterment of our health. We need not limit ourselves to the confines of Western medical techniques or treatments, when we are free to explore the rich heritage of traditional Indian remedies.

Originally limited to the Eastern, Western and Northern region of India, Natural Solutions has now benefitted many patients all across the country. Dr Sharma´s years of research, hard work, and unrelenting quest for excellence has yielded products such as Chini Kuum (a natural sweetener), Hyper Cum (an anti-hypertensive product) and Succare (an anti-diabetic product). A wide range of prevalent ailments, such as diabetes and hypertension, can now be effectively restricted thanks to Dr Sharma´s medicines. Today, with hundreds of patients who have benefitted from our natural solutions, we are on our way to becoming one of India´s premier institutions for holistic Ayurvedic treatment. Natural Solutions has positively impacted many lives by helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle.